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    Script switches tabs



      Script switches tabs


      I have a script (see below) and every time I assign it to a button, when the button is clicked it takes me back to the first tab, this button is located on the 2nd tab. Any ideas why?



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          Seems to me its because the first tab is set as your "default front tab"

          if you assign tab 2 with an object name and than at the end of the script go to object name

          It should return you to tab 2

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            The same script runs on each button but is passing a different "Optional
            Script Parameter" for each of the values. 1-5, and each of the tabs have 
            the same buttons.  Is there an easy way to pass another "optional
            script parameter" for the Goto Object?  Or any other suggestions?

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              You need to:

              Enter layout mode
              Select each tab panel in turn (click once to select the tab control, click again to select the panel.)
              Then use the Name box to assign a unique object name to each tab panel
              The value you pass as a script parameter can then be the object name of the panel and Go to Object can specify the tab panel you want to retain as the front tab panel.

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                Sorry, not sure I am understanding...I am currently using the script parameter to pass the value of the button.  For example, if they press one I use the script parameter of one to add that value to a field.  Is there another way to pass a script parameter in addition to that on the same script?

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                  No, but if you need to pass more than one value in the same script parameter, this can be done.

                  Say you need to pass the button value of 3 and the object name of "Serving Tab" to the same script via a button click. Your script parameter expression inside button set up can be:

                  List ( 3 ; "Serving Tab" )

                  and your script can then parse the two values by using:

                  GetValue ( Get ( ScriptParameter ) ; 1 ) to extract the button value and use GetValue ( Get ( ScriptParameter ) ; 2 ) to extract the object name of the tab panel.