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Script Syntax for IF function

Question asked by rtolliver on May 29, 2015
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Script Syntax for IF function


I'm looking for direction on how best to write a script that looks for a ranges of number values.  My original was written in MS Access 2010 using the Case function.

Case 1; length <= 84" ; Perform Find

Case 2; length >=90" and <=108" ; Perform Find

Case 3; length >=108" and <=132"  ; Perform Find

Case 4; length >=132" and <=156" ; Perform Find

Case 5; length >=156" and <=180" ; Perform Find

Case 6; length >=180" ; Perform Find

I can only find the Case Function in Specify Calculation of Fields, Case Function is not available in Edit Script Control section. What is available is the IF function and I haven't found the syntax information I need to write the Find Range script for the cases above.

Any suggestion for documents or articles?