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    Script that asks for specific information



      Script that asks for specific information


      How do I make a script that will ask me for specific information? I want it to ask me "which week" and then I type in the week I want it to run a report on. Literally Week 1, Week 2, Week 3... (not dates)




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          There are several ways:

          Show Custom Dialog is a script step that can pop up a dialog box with up to three input fields for entering data such as the week number.

          Fields on a layout can request this info--most likely fields with global storage specified. You can change to this layout and then clicking a button, pressing enter or another user action takes the user back after they have entered the data.

          OR you can use new window to create your own custom dialog using a layout in this window to request this info. This takes more scripting, but unlike a custom dialog, it allows you to use a value list and other formatting not possible with show custom dialog.