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Script to ADD a checked value, NOT REPLACE the field contents

Question asked by JeanneM on Jan 16, 2011
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Script to ADD a checked value, NOT REPLACE the field contents


Hello, whenever I use checkboxes (as opposed to radio buttons) in FileMaker Pro 8, it's because we want to utilize being able to check multiple boxes. So, it becomes important to have a fast way to change all the records in a found set (or current) set by ADDING or taking AWAY checks, NOT REPLACING an entire field contents.

I can't find any help on how to create a script that would do this. Everything I have found has involved REPLACING a field's contents, which will not work for my needs.

A script is necessary in order to create a loop so I can change all of the records in a found set.

I am new to FM scripts and am not familiar with the language, but here is my set-up for ADDING checks and it is not working...

I'm in a table named Contact Manager

I have a VALUE LIST called Known Ticket Buyers with Use Custom Values and its contents are -

0803 Aronoff;
0904 Aronoff;
1101 Dialogues;

I have a FIELD called Field Known Ticket Buyer with all default options (didn't change anything) that is set-up to use the values from the above value list.

In any one operation, I might like to say, Check the checkbox 0803 Aronoff; value in all of the found records WITHOUT unchecking any other option (so, again, NOT a replace function).

Here's my script, which doesn't seem to do ANYTHING but go through all of the records. I don't see the checkbox checked at all.


Set Field [Contact Mnagement::Field Known Ticket Buyer["0803 Aronoff;"]]

Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last]

End Loop

Can anyone please offer specific help? I don't know enough to toy with scripts any further. I don't understand why it's not showing the boxes marked. I would also like to know if you can show me how to use a similar script to UNCHECK a specific value.

Thank you very, very much. Been trying to figure this out for a long, long, long time and have done so many searches that have led no where!