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Script to auto enter separate timestamp record

Question asked by EricaJackson on Mar 15, 2013
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Script to auto enter separate timestamp record



     I need a script that would automatically create a new record for a timestamp each time the main record is entered

     the 3 tables are CLIENT ;     VISIT  ;  TIME.  The VISIT table is the anchor and has a join Table Occurance of TIME joined by  globalVisitDate and the CLIENTID and an Table Occurance of the Client joined by the Client ID

     VISIT  >-- gVisitDate --<  visit_Time  >--- Client_ID ----<  visit_time_Client

                >--Client_ID --< 

     On any visit, data may be entered many times throughout the day into that one recod and I need to be able to track it. I am still very confused at script writing.

     Any Help is greatly appreciated!

     Thanks, Erica