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Script to auto input field data from related record

Question asked by patrick.dinsmore on Jan 17, 2013
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Script to auto input field data from related record


     hi guys


     hopefully i can explain this easily enough. and hopefully somone can explain it to me in a simple enough way to understand/implement. 


     i have one table called Inventory, each record has a unique Inventory ID

     Another table called serial, each record has an inventory ID but not a unique ID, the reason being i am using the Inventory ID to link to a portal on the main inventory table. example below

     product A has a unique ID of 1

     on the product A record i have a portal that shows the Serial records that have the same ID of 1.


     on the Inventory Record i have created a button that goes to the Serial Layout and creates a new record, what i want to do is when the script creates the new record that it automaticaly enters the Inventory ID from the related table. i have the Inventory ID linked on both tables as a relationship.