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script to auto-enter contact ID in a new window with different layout

Question asked by FranziskaBlome on May 14, 2014
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script to auto-enter contact ID in a new window with different layout & context


     Hi there. I don't have much scripting experience at all, and am trying to figure out which script step I'd need for the last task in my script:

     In my contacts database, a button in the CONTACTS DETAILS layout opens a new window and a new record in a different layout and table context, PARTICIPATION. I got that far. The idea is that the user can add a role this particular contact played at an event, e.g. guest or speaker, etc. I made the contacts ID field in this new window a drop down list, where the user can select one of the existing contacts (ID and last name). I don't really love this though. A) that list is going to get really really long, and B) wouldn't it be much better if the contact ID (from the current CONTACTS window from which this was launched) was auto-entered?

     How do I do that exactly? Seems like it would be a simple command or script step (?).

     I tried "insert from index [select; Contacts::__contact_ID_pk], and some other variations of this, but that seems to be the wrong command. Do I use the "get" function instead? If so, how? "get..." is not listed in the edit script window.

     Thanks for your patience with my novice questions!