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Script to automatically enter new records in an overview table.

Question asked by kirvis on Nov 24, 2009
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Script to automatically enter new records in an overview table.


Hi all,


I have a relational database system which works quite well now. Within the system I have a few overview tables, which get their data from other tables through calculations. Every time I enter a new product in the products table, I can add processes in the processes table, components in the components table, etc. The overview table serves as a purpose to combine all the values from the different steps in the value chain (tables) and to create a nice overview.


The only problem is that I currently have to enter the productID manually into the overview tables. It then automatically retrieves all the calculated values from the other tables. What I would like to so is the following: I would like to create a script that automatically enters new productIDs when I select the layout.


The script would look something like this (triggered by selecting the layout):


Create new record

Go to field "productID"

select productID value from value list "products" that is not present in this table yet and enter it

commit record


this script should loop itself until every new productID is entered once.


Is this possible, and if yes, what would the script look like exactly?




N.B. The value list "products" is generated from table:products, field: productID