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Script to Break Field List into Individual Records

Question asked by Derrenger on Apr 12, 2011
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Script to Break Field List into Individual Records


I am importing information into FMP 11 (using a mac OS 10.5) from Excel, and have one Excel cell with multiple items in it (each separated by a soft return). I understand that I need to create an intermediary field (Table1::List) to handle this information as a whole (and have gotten this far), but now I would like to create a script that enables me to import each line from this field into its own record in a separate table (Table2::LineItem). I have an ID field (Table1::ID) for each record in the original table, and would like to grab this for reference as well in the new table (Table2::ID), so that I can bring this information back into the original table (Table1) in the form of a portal (which I know how to do).

Any scripting advice you might have would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.