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Script to change data formatting

Question asked by feait on Nov 28, 2013
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Script to change data formatting




     I'm trying to write a script however I'm pretty new to filemaker to have no clue!

     I've got a field called "existing/new" and a field called "structural opening".

     Existing/new is a drop down list with the options "existing" and "new".

     I want the "structural opening" field to say "As existing" if "existing/new" is set to "existing" (managed this part so far).

     If it says "new"  then it allows a numerical value input in the "structural opening" field with a "mm" post-fix notation (eg. 950mm).

     The problem I'm having is that to get the "as existing" to appear, I have to set the data formatting to general.


     Any help is greatly appreciated.




     P.s. My script currently:

Set Field [ Door Schedule::Existing New ]

If [ PatternCount ( Door Schedule::Existing New ; "Existing" ) ]

Set Field [ Door Schedule::Structural Opening["As Existing"] ]

End If