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Script to change either text colour or button colour

Question asked by appt on Jan 28, 2015
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Script to change either text colour or button colour


Hi, been away for a while need some help to make a form I have working easier to replicate.

The form appears on an iPad and is made up of a number of text boxes (so it looks a bit like a spreadsheet).

We have set it up using transparent buttons over the top of each text box that when touched cause the text underneath to change from black to red (indicating that task has been completed). A second touch will return it to black, a third to red etc.

It works very well but is a pain to set up with loads of individual buttons tied to individual text boxes and code for each. I should add that the text boxes are actually fields so that I can use scripting to effect the change.

I am wondering whether the buttons themselves could house the text and the text changes colour each time you touch the button.

Failing that can anyone think of a way of doing it that isn't going to take me a lifetime?