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script to change found set based on date range?

Question asked by DonorTracker on Feb 10, 2009
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script to change found set based on date range?


Question from noobie Bento graduate:


I was pleased at how easy it was to have FMPro-10 import my Bento checkbook register Library into a new FM database, complete with a decent layout (or two).


I've since improved this by creating a new List layout. This is far better than Table View in Bento, since fields can use more than a single line in FM Lists.


But to get to my question ... I'd like to make a script that changes the found set in my List layout based on a date range. I'd like to enter the start date and end date into two fields in the footer of the List layout, press a button, and have the contents of body part of the List reflect a new found set.  Ideally the starting point would be the complete set of records, even when a (partial) found set is currently in view.  My Table currently has a Date field.


Could someone give a succinct set of steps to do this?  Or point me to a thread where this question has already been answered?  Thanks!