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Script to Change TEXT colour?

Question asked by ArtL on May 28, 2014
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Script to Change TEXT colour?


     I have created a simple weekly bulletin database for a customers.  The graphic background in the Text Boxes is blue and the text inside the graphic is white.  White Text - Blue Background.

     Here is my problem.

     When you are in the INSPECTOR

     and in the APPEARANCE TAB

     You select FILL as NON. This allows the background blue graphic to show nicely.

     When you go to BROWSE and type in the field, the field opens in WHITE and ... you guessed it, WHITE on WHITE doesn't work!!

     What I would like to do is set the field text to BLACK while they type, then have a BUTTON / Script that they press that selects all the text in the field and changes it to WHITE!

     The users have no Filemaker skills so I have created buttons for them to do the various tasks to keep things simple.  In keeping with the spirit of this Bulletin Design, a button to change the TEXT from black to white would be perfect.  It would allow them to edit mistakes in black, but once satisfied, they can click the button and the script will run the change on the colour of the text.

     Is this POSSIBLE?



     Thanks, greatly appreciated.