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Script to control the current record

Question asked by PeterTipold on Aug 10, 2015
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Script to control the current record


This is my first post.

I have a script that finds a group of say 40 records, sorted alphabetically (call it Script A). I need the user to go through each record one at a time and enter some information into two fields. However, after they enter in the information for the current record, they need to go to Script B and then return to the next record in Script A. The user needs to toggle between Scripts A and B until they have entered in the information for each of the 40 records. Each time they enter in information in a record in Script A, they need to go to Script B.

My problem is that when I return to Script A, FMPro 14 always takes me to the first record. I can't get it to advance to the next record. In other words, I can't set the current record in Script A as the last record changed. I tried "Go to Record/Request/Page" in Script Workspace but that only takes me to the First or Last record. Is there any script step that can solve this problem?