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Script to create a list

Question asked by FileMakerNovice on Apr 24, 2013
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Script to create a list


     Hello all,

     My database is a local database but it accesses data from an external data source from another FM database.  On that database, there is a table of Employees.  This table has employeeID, employeeName, employeeEmail, etc.  Additionally, there is a boolean field called "Include".

     Previously, I would extract metrics such as call time, call quality, etc.  These calculated fields were placed in the Employees table and a relationship was created from Employees to Stats.  The admin of the external data source now wants me to remove all logic from that table.

     To do this, I am thinking of creating a script that, when the local database is opened, it creates a local list of EmployeeIDs that is extracted from the external data source.  This list would need to only be the ones with "Include" = 1.  So, my question is, how do I create this script.  I know it would be a script that I would include in the file options upon launch.  I would also want it to clear out any existing local list.

     Any help is greatly appreciated and if there is a better way to remove the logic from the external data source, I'd be happy to hear it.  Thanks in advance.