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script to create a PDF, then put it in a container field as new record

Question asked by jdevans on Jul 1, 2015
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script to create a PDF, then put it in a container field as new record


I have a script in a solution that is SUPPOSED to do as the title of this post suggests. It works fine on my machine, and a couple others, but on some network machines, it fails. I'm unsure why it works on some machines and not others.
What is happening is, a user clicks a button, which runs the script. It first checks for data, for the that the records exist, then it shows the found set on a printable layout. The script pauses for the user to make one last check over what they are about to create (on the PDF), then if they click the "continue" button, the script continues and creates a pdf of the record using the layout specified, and to make sure it is accessible, it goes to the "Temp" folder on the server and puts the pdf there.. This server is accessible by all users, and the Temp folder is accessible to by going to "//ServerName/Temp/file.pdf."

This is what is strange to me. I guess I'm asking if there is another way to create a new record of this pdf besides making on a network folder first, then grabbing it and making a record of it? Could it be done without the use of a network folder? If it could be done on the user's local machine, are there script steps available to create a local directory, place the pdf there, then make the new record from there? Or is this more complex than it needs to be?