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Script to deal with Find that doesn't Find

Question asked by StanleySilverman on Aug 16, 2011
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Script to deal with Find that doesn't Find


I'm new to FMP and am working on a database that will allow me to follow patients in an intensive care unit on a daily basis.  I developed a script that will carry over data from the day before to the next day but need a way to deal with what happens if there was no data from the day before.  Here's the current script:


Set Variable [$date; Value: "=" & Get(CurrentDate)-1]

Perform Find [Restore] where Restore is ICU::Date [$date]

Contrain Find [Restore] where Restore is ICU::Room# [375]   - this contrains the find to the record that was present yesterday in room 375.

Duplicate Record/Request


This Script works find if there is a record from the day before to copy.  However, if there is no record I want the script to just generate a new Record with the room number autofilled (Room 375).  If that's not possible I at least want to avoid "No records match this find criteria." window that pops up.

Any help would be appreciated.