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Script to determine if new customer already exists

Question asked by besmith1ca on Oct 6, 2014
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Script to determine if new customer already exists


Does anyone know how to build a process (Script and Layout) that does the following?    

Here's a link to an excel sheet on dropbox that contains more details including sample data and data model:                                                                                                                              

If you have an interest in helping or have questions, let me know.  If someone can set it up for me, I can adapt it and maintain it going forward.  I just am not smart enough to create it from scratch. :)

Here's my process description (also included in the dropbox file referenced in link above):


Find Customer records that are new (New Records) and have not yet been reviewed for possible match with existing customer records (Existing Records)

Begin Loop - For each New Record, do the following:                 

            Find previously Existing Records (identified as Pending_Review_For_Poss_Match_Flag <> "Y") that are possible matches to the New Record.  Use each of these criteria:

                        First_Name and Last_Name match New Record                            

                        First three characters of First_Name and first three characters of Last_Name match New Record

                        Email or Phone or Shipping_Street_1 alone match New Record 

                        (may add another criteria if I can think of one)                                      

            If no possible matches are found                                                               


                        Display the following message to user and wait for their acknowledgement (user clicks "OK" button or something)

                                    Popup message:                                                                   

                                    No matches were found for this customer:                                   
                                                First_Name Last_Name                                             
                                                Shipping_Street_1, Shipping_Street_2                                
                                                Shiping_City, Shipping_State Shipping_Zip            
                                    Customer will be added as a new customer.                     OK      
                        Delete contents of the Pending_Review_For_Poss_Match_Flag field in the New Record.


                        Present the New Record and the Possible Matches to the user for review.

                        Allow user to either (1) select a single Match Record from the list of Possible Matches or (2) indicate that none of the Possible Matches are matches.

                        If user confirms that one of the Possible Matches are a match              


                                    Update any fields on the Existing Record with any data that is different as found on the New Record.

                                    Apply the Customer_ID from the Existing Record to the Order record that was related to the New Record.

                                    Re-Lookup the Lookup_Loyalty_Club_Member_Flag in related Orders and Line_Items_From_Orders records.

                                    Delete the New Record (that contains Pending_Review_Flag = "Y")


                                    Delete contents of the Pending_Review_For_Poss_Match_Flag field in the New Record.



End Loop