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Script to Email Clients

Question asked by briankent on Oct 22, 2014
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Script to Email Clients


ok so I am manager of a small mortgage company. we have 3 loan officers.  let's say bob, sally, joe.

in our database, each time a loan closes, we enter the loan officer's name, client's name, and bunch of other fields, one of which is the INTEREST RATE on the loan.

when interest rates drop below what the clients current rate is, I want to notify the loan officer of that, so the loan officer can notify their client.

in the past, I've done this by just conducting a FIND on any interest rates above, say 4% (I would just do a FIND and enter > 4%) , and then I run a script that emails the loan officer.

the problem is this.  if loan officer bob has 50 clients whose have a rate higher than 4%, then bob gets 50 different emails.  that is a lot of emails bob has to sort through.

instead, I'd prefer bob to get just one email.  and in the body of the email (or even as attachment) it would list all clients and respective interest rates .

so instead of bob getting 50 separate emails, he's just get a single email might look like this

Hi Bob Loan Officer

you currently have 50 clients below with an interest rate of higher than 4% that may be eligible to reduce their rate.

Client 1 Name,   5%
Client 2 Name,   4.5%
Client 3 Name,  4.25%
Client 4 Name,  6%


Client 5 Name

is that possible to do with FM?