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Script to export and replace a Filemaker file worked in 5.5 but won't work in FileMaker 10

Question asked by rebby_575 on Jul 30, 2010
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Script to export and replace a Filemaker file worked in 5.5 but won't work in FileMaker 10


I recently migrated to FileMaker 10 Pro Advanced from Filemaker Pro 5.5 (yes, I know: late to the party, and boy, what a party!). 

The only major thing that broke that I haven't been able to figure out on my own are some scripts in my main file ("MASTER.fp7" for his discussion) designed to export a FileMaker file ("CLIENT.fp7" for this discussion), overwriting the previous "CLIENT.fp7" file of the same name. Several files including the "MASTER.fp7" file use the exported "CLIENT.fp7" file for other script steps, lookups, etc. 

There is probably a better way to accomplish what I want, but there is no time at present to re-write my entire database. 

In both FM 5.5 and FM 10, when creating the export script, if you specify a file name to export that is the same as an existing name, a dialog offers the choice to "replace" the file. 

In FM 5.5, choosing "replace" in the script step meant that the script would always overwrite the file, as long as the file to be overwritten was closed. Not so in FM 10. 

Instead, I get the message, "could not be created on this disk. use a different name, make more room on the kisk, unlock it or use a different disk." There are about 200GB available for a 400k file, and the file is not locked. 

If I delete the "CLIENT.fp7" file before running the script, it still doesn't work in FM 10 unless I quit FileMaker and restart it.

The exported "CLIENT.fp7" file is identified in the "External Data Sources" of my "MASTER.fp7" file because it is referenced on several layouts, and I don't know of any other way to do it. 

Is there a solution? 

I've tried script debugger, but there is no hint there of why it doesn't work. I'm not using Web publishing or Server features. 

Grateful for help.