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Script to find a date range.

Question asked by DSM on Nov 12, 2009
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Script to find a date range.


I have a table that has a Date field. The dates are entered as 20091231.


I am trying to write a script that will find all records within a date range.


I have two fields: StartDate and EndDate 




Enter find mode []

Set field [Date;StartDate & "..." & EndDate]

Perform Find


I have also tried:


Enter find mode []

Insert Calculated Result [Select;Date;StartDate & "..." & EndDate]

Perform Find


After running these scripts, out of curiosity I clicked "Modify last find". Nothing was entered in the Date field.

It is not possible that I have not selected the correct field in the script.


I then tried:


Enter find mode []

Set field [Date;"20090901...20090902]

Perform Find


Did not work.


I then clicked "modify last find" there was nothing in date field. I manually entered "20090901...20090902" and the find worked perfectly.


I then tried a


Perform Find [Restore] (Manually entering in the search criteria for the date field "20090901...20090902" and the find worked again. This however will not allow me to use fields or variables to perform a find. I can only enter the data in manually.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.