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Script to Find All Records in Related Table

Question asked by MichaelHart on Sep 28, 2014
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Script to Find All Records in Related Table


I have a DB with these related tables: Artists, Titles, Impressions. The Artists and Titles are one-to-many. Likewise, the Titles and Impressions are related one-to-many. All 3 tables have Firstname and Lastname fields for each record, as well as, serial # fields (Title_ID, Impression_ID, Artist_ID). The Artist_ID field in the Impressions-table records are, as yet, empty. Currently, the first and lastname fields are related but that is awkward due to common lastnames, common titles (ie - Untitled) and spelling mistakes. I think it would be better if I could relate a single field (Artist_ID) among the 3 tables, instead of the First and Lastname fields... that way spelling typos and common names wouldn't matter.

My idea is to have a script that will display all the Impressions by a given artist so I can then populate the Artist_ID(s) into the corresponding Impressions-table records by utilizing Replace Field Contents function.

I've only got rudimentary scripting skills and am going in circles trying to figure it out via trial and error so, was hoping someone could point me in the right or better direction before I spin off into space.

I'm using FMP-13.