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script to find duplicate entries in a field

Question asked by KBGF75 on Jun 3, 2012
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script to find duplicate entries in a field


 I want the capability to use a script to find duplicate entries in a given field of a found set of records. The file is FMP9. My initial focus is find records with duplicate email addresses. I want the script to work if one or more addresses has been duplicated.

I found a Filemaker web page containing a sample script that seemed on target. A copy is attached ("Scripting example"). I created my own script, trying to follow the example. A copy of my script is attached ("script 20"). This script is shown twice: As printed from Scriptmaker and as shown on the monitor in edit mode. My relevant field names are "Mark" and "GlobalDupe."  Only the latter is global.

My script runs, but erratically. Sometimes it seems to find a set of records in which the field of interest ("email_1") is empty. Sometimes it seems to move through all records (~4,000) without end, until I "escape."

Please critique.