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script to find fields based on range of dates

Question asked by scottage on Jun 2, 2011
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script to find fields based on range of dates


Hi, all

I am working on a db for an automotive shop.  I am trying to create a script that will perform a find for customers whose state inspections are due sometime in the next 60 days.

So far I have a field in a table called Work_Order called inspection_due that keeps track of the date, and I have confirmed that it's field type is a date.

In the script I have:

Show All Records

Enter Find Mode []

Set Field [Work_Order::inspection_due; Get(CurrentDate) & "..." & Get(CurrentDate)+60]

Perform Find []

When I run the script it tells me no records match the criteria.  I know that I have dates inside of that range.  Can anyone show me what I am doing wrong?