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Script to find postcode (zipcode) range

Question asked by fbugeja on May 6, 2013
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Script to find postcode (zipcode) range


In Australia, every city has a 4-digit postcode (zipcode) as part of its address. For example Canberra, our capital city, has a postcode of 2600. I am creating a database of disability organisations. The aim of the database is to allow users to enter the postcode of the suburb they live in and the database will find all disability organisations within a +10 and -10 range of the entered postcode. If the user entered 2112 as their postcode, the database should be able to find disability organisations within the postcode range 2102 and 2122. There will be a field called "Postcode" in the database which displays the postcode of the disability organisation. I need to keep it simple for users. My idea: they first click a button called "Postcode Search" (which contains the script). A dialog box with the text "Enter your postcode:"  then appears. Users enter their postcode, click Enter, then a message "Sorry - no disability organisations found" or " disability organisation(s) found" appears. if no organisations are found, the search should then end. If the latter message appears, users are then able to go through the found records (disability organisations within the postcode range). The script obviously would need to be able to search the Postcode field to see if it is within the required range and then "pull it out" for preview by the user. Assistance for a script which does the above would be appreciated! Frank