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    Script to find record and paste data



      Script to find record and paste data


      I have a script that I wrote about 15 years ago, and it's stopped working.  I can't figure out how to fix it.


      I have two databases - an invoice database and a product database.


      I need to copy an item number from the invoice database, find that item in the product database, and then enter the current date in a "sold date" field in the product database.


      It seems like this should be simple, but I can't figure out how to script a find based on the copied value of the item number.


      FM Pro 10, Macintosh system.   Thanks in advance - this is driving me crazy.

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          How are you "copying" the value? The copy and paste script steps will fail silently (no visible error message) if the referenced field is not on your current layout--that's one possible explanation here.


          What version of Filemaker are you using?


          If it's new enough to support passing a parameter to a script, you could pass the item number as a parameter to a script in the second database.

          In Invoices, your script would include this line:

          Perform Script ["YourExternalScriptName" from file: "ProductDatabaseFileName" ; Parameter: Invoices::YourItemNumberField]


          In your Product database, you'd have a script like this:

          Enter Find Mode[]

          Set Field[Product::ItemNumber; Get(ScriptParameter)]

          Perform Find[]

          Set Field [Product::Sold Date ; Get ( CurrentDate) ]


          If you can't pass a script parameter, you could store the item number in a global field instead of using copy/paste.