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script to get user selected records associated with invoice ID

Question asked by mdscarpa on Dec 24, 2009
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script to get user selected records associated with invoice ID


I am developing a database, have a customer table, jobs table, and invoice table so far. It is for a service business, landscaping specifically, so customers are usually billed monthly. In my jobs table I have a field called "invoiced?" when the job is created this field is automatically set to pending. I plan on creating a layout using a sub-summary report sorted by customer to list all jobs by customer where invoiced? = "pending". I want to place a button next to each customer name that I can click and it will assign all the related records (that fit the criteria of invoiced? = "pending" and possibly date constraints) to a single invoice. I figured the best way to do this would be to associate them through a realationship where clicking the invoice button would assign the same invoice number to all the pertinant records for that customer. I am fairly new at scripting and do not really know where to start with this. Also should I create the report layout under the jobs table or should i create the layout as a portal in the invoice table? Thanks in advance.