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Script to go to a Tab (Control Tab)

Question asked by dumiya on Sep 29, 2011
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Script to go to a Tab (Control Tab)


OSX Lion  Filemaker 11

On the same layout I have "Field 1" which is a drop down list.

I have a Tab Control with three tabs in it. Tab 1, Tab 2, Tab 3 each with different fields within them

I am trying to write a script so that when a certain name is selected in the Drop Down list a script will bring the "Tab number 3" to the front so the user can work in the correct Tab.

My attempt Script

If (Field 1 = "name on dropdown list")

     Go To Object("Tab #2")

End if

Nothing Happens.  I know it could not be this easy - I am missing something.

(I must say I get confused with "tabs" and "tab controls")

I have looked through the Forum but the replies don't seem to work