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Script to limit found set to two or more criteria from current record

Question asked by BobBrown on Jul 6, 2010
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Script to limit found set to two or more criteria from current record


I am using File Maker Pro 10 to store notes about research done on the Bible.  A single table is used to store the notes.  One field ("Book No" - a number field) uses a drop down list to select the proper book and stores the book number (1 through 66).  Another field ("Note Type" - a text field) stores one of the following words:

Portion, Section, Part, Paragraph, Sentence, Phrase or Word

Each of these words represents a hierarchical level siimilar to an outline, a book may have many portions, a portion may have many sections, etc.

My goal is to limit all records in the table to those that match a particular book number and one or more entries in the Note Type field.  Here's an example:

Show all records where Book No = Book No on the current record, and

Constrain that found set to those where Note Type = "Portion" or "Section

I don't want to hard code the book number since it will change frequently.  The Note Type text will be hard coded since I will have a button for each level of the hierarchy.

My plan is to have a series of buttons labeled with the words shown above that will allow the user to collapse or expand the found set in the same way a word processor can do that with an outline.

This is my first database in File Maker.  However, I'm comfortable with Microsoft Access and VBA.