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Script to look for different Numbers....

Question asked by ArminWittmannCabrera on Jul 20, 2011
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Script to look for different Numbers....



Im new in the business and have a question.

i have a excel sheet that i import in a database. This contains a field called "Tarifs" and is defined as a Numberfield.

Now i want transfer this in a text field that contains a text. e.x. 1111 = Basis (this can i do with the "IF" function)

But i have different Tarif-codes that will get the text "Basis".

How can i check the tarif-field for all my numers and told my new field to show the defined text?

e.x. 1111, 1112, 20001 = "Basis"    -   3001, 3002, 3003 = "Standard"

Many thanks for your help.