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Script to Lookup and Find Data based on Account Name

Question asked by ArthurDruzcz_1 on Jun 19, 2015
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Script to Lookup and Find Data based on Account Name



So, Filemaker 13 Pro, I have layout Employee Info which has Account Name as well as Employee Name , Layout Main Menu, and then 3 Layouts which are all organized by Employee Name not by Account Name. The 3 Layouts Are Time Logging, Expenses and Safety Journal. 

When Employee Logs in Using their Account Name they are taken to Main Menu which has 3 corresponding buttons for the 3 layouts. What I want is to write a script that I could use on each button that would Take them to the right layout then Look up the Employee Name based on Account Name and Show only Results with Employee Name.

So I really don't know how to go from Get Account () to Employee Name and to input this into Find ()

Each button:

Get Layout (1 out of the 3)

Look up Account Name in Employee Info Layout and Return Employee Name and set this as the Find in this layout. 

Please help,