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Script to open an image in a calculated container

Question asked by jwilson on Jul 4, 2014
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Script to open an image in a calculated container



     FMP12 adv

     I have a calculated field that gives the filepath for an image stored on the local hard drive.  The result of the calculation is imagemac:/.... or imagewin:/ depending on the OS.  This works fine, and the image can be seen in the database record.

     I am trying to develop a script that would enable me to open the same image in an image viewer outside of filemaker.

     I have worked out that I can get the filepath using GetValue (Table::ContainerField ; 1)

     But just cannot manage to make a script step to open the file.  I have tried PhilModJunks script:

     SetVariable [$FilePath ; value:

     Let ( [ path = GetValue ( Photo::PhotoContainer; 3 ) ;
               L = Lenght ( path ) ;
               F = Right ( path ; L - Position ( path ; "/" ; L ; -1 ) ) ] ;
               "file:"  & Get ( TemporaryPath ) & F
           ) // let


     Followedd by Export Field Contents, but this gives a text file in the temporary path that has the name of the image file, but actually contains a snipped of text!  Preview of course cant open this.

     Grateful for any assitance