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Script to Open and Close a FM data base

Question asked by Dav on Oct 9, 2011
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Script to Open and Close a FM data base


I have script that makes a copy of the current (modified) file using a calculated file name. I then want to open the newly saved file and close the current file. The problem: Saving a copy of the file insists on displaying a dialog window and asking for the user to supply a file name. Since I already have a pre-defined file name (by calculation) I do not want the user to input a file name in the dialog window. How do I bypass the dialog window and avoid having the user input a file name?

I'm thinking I have a syntax problem even as I stare at the script for days wondering what could be wrong. Am looking for a better script please.

#$filepath is set to current path

#Value: user specified 1 of 4 seasons and year

#Season Name and Session Year are global variables

Set Variable [$filepath; Value:"Sr Ctr " & Members::Season Name & " " & Members::Session Year & ".fp7"]

Save a Copy as [$filepath"; Automatically Open; copy]

Close File [Current File]

Do I need to use $filepath or $$filepath or what ??

Any help would be appreciated