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    script to open two inboxs



      script to open two inboxs


      Dear All,

      I have a drop down list which has only "Yes and No" values. I want to write a scrip if I select "Yes" I should get tow inboxes like Create date and Expire date. If I Click No I should not get any inbox.


      I will appreciate if any one can tell me please is it possible to do that script in Filemaker pro 9?





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          Hi lamp


          no version of FileMaker can create a field with a script or a calculation...

          but it can display a field ( or more than one ) that is in the DB, but is hide.


          There are many tecniques to do such thing but the powerfull one remains what was named "portal trick".


          You need to:


          1) create those two fields ( Create date and Expire date )
          2) create a calculation field result text ( name it Yes ) with calc: Case( yourFieldWithList = "Yes" ; "Yes" )
          3) create a self-relationship:
             a) while in the relationship graph you have to duplicate the main table ( really you'll see 2 occurrences of the same table ) that automatically will have the same name of the DB with a 2 suffix
             b) create a line that start from Main::yourFieldWithList and stop to Main 2::Yes
          4) While in layout mode, insert the field Main 2::create date and Main 2::Expire date into a single line portal showing records of Main 2


          This is all.


          When you'll set the field yourFieldWithList to "No" you will not see those field; on the contrary you will see and edit those fields.

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            I think what you are wanting can be done with script triggers, but that was just introduced in Filemaker Pro 10.


            ex. - a dialog box script that is triggered when you enter or modify the field.


            unsure how to trigger this in a pre-10 solution.

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              Thanks for all replies