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Script to open Word Template (dotx) as a Word Document (docx)

Question asked by Stevehou on Aug 5, 2014
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Script to open Word Template (dotx) as a Word Document (docx)


     I previously did a post seeking how to get FM Pro to open a Word Template (dotx) as a Word Document (docx). Got no responses.  However, thinking others could benefit I did work out a resolution.

     Simply stated, my script has one element using the, "Send Event".  In the Send Event options I chose "Send the 'open document/application' message and chose the "Text" option.

     In the Send Event Text box I input, "winword.exe /t"S:\Program Specific\VIP Information Packet\templatename.dotx"

     1. be sure to put a space after .exe

     2. be sure there is NO space after the /t (the /t is a Word switch instructing word to open as a docx)

     3. I use an "S" drive, you may be using your "C" drive (If you use the "C" drive I think your path slashes will go the other direction, i.e., "/t"C/Program Specifice/ Vip ..."  Further, your path name will certainly be different)

     4. "templatename.dotx" is your template name

     See screenshot  :)