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Script to pass a value from layout to layout

Question asked by bdexter75 on Jan 30, 2014
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Script to pass a value from layout to layout


     Hi All,

     I’ve been attempting to write a script for the last three hours and am getting nowhere.  There is something fundamentally missing in my understanding of scripts and functions.  The script is supposed get the contents of a field on the current layout (Layout A) then go to another layout (Layout B), populate a field on B and perform a find.  So this is what I did:

     Go to field (in Layout A)

     Get (currentfieldcontents)

     Go to Layout B

     Go to field

     Set field (put the value here)

     Commit record

     Perform find

     This script is activated by a button on Layout A, but all it does is get me to the field on Layout B and stop. It fails to pass the value from the field in Layout A.  What am I doing wrong?