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Script to perform find

Question asked by MehrdadBastan on Mar 5, 2014
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Script to perform find


     Hi Friends

     I am a novice and using FM 12, I really need your help.

     I created a database to record the calls we make to the customer to get some data for the Photo shoot. (Some of these records are already my customers and some are not)


     CustomerID (Serial Number)

     Customer Name (Text)

     My Clients (Text) Radio Butons

  •           Yes
  •           No


     Shoot Date (date Field)

     Data Acquisition (Text Field) with 4 Radio buttons

  •           -Not Done
  •           -Call Back
  •           -Waiting
  •           -Completed

     I need to perform find & list  My Clients that are not completed and sort them by the shoot date.

     How do  write this script? I appreciate any help