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Script to perform search from a drop down list

Question asked by ScottNalder on Oct 13, 2013
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Script to perform search from a drop down list


     Dear Forum

     This is a follow up from my post “How to "find matching records" from a portal row, without having to use Quick Menu”. See:

     PhilModJunk provided me with a script to achieve what I had in mind. The script was needed to overcome a bug identified by PhilModJunk – see:

Find Matching Records Script Step Fails when field is in a portal

     PhilModJunk’s script is as follows:

     Set Variable [$ID ; value: casenote_keyword::keyword_id ]

     Enter Find mode []

     Set Field [ casenote_keyword::keyword_id ; $ID ]

     Perform Find []

     What I want to do now is have a new layout (“search”), where the user can select a keyword (in find mode) from a dropdown list of the keywords, then press a button that performs a script as follows:

            1. Go to the “casenote” layout

            2. perform PhilModJunk’s script as if the set variable was the keyword_id selected by the User from the dropdown list.

     I attach a hyperlink to a file that incorporates the script provided by PhilModJunk, but now with a draft “search” layout. See:

     I am only at the beginning of the learning curve on scripting, and would appreciate any help on what the script should be for the button on the “search” layout.


     Scott Nalder