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script to print all the pages

Question asked by CampAdmin on Oct 29, 2010
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script to print all the pages


I made a script in my test database (saved locally) and it worked fine. When I imported it into the real database (saved on the server) it is not giving me the same result. I made sure that all of the layouts and fields referenced in the script are correct, but still no go. I also made sure that the report layout I'm trying to print is set up the same way (based on the same table and with the same subsummary/page break).

The database is based on one of the templates that came with FM 8.5. It is 3 tables: Students, Classes, and Registration. Students and Classes relate through Registration. The original template had a script to print the list of attendees of an event. I am trying to have a script that prints all of the attendance lists for the classes in a found set (school year). In my test database it gives me a page for each class. In the actual database it only gives me one class page.

The script is as follows: