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Script to print to PDF and script to print to printer

Question asked by Veronica on Apr 8, 2010


Script to print to PDF and script to print to printer


FMP  5.0

Windows XP

My database is not shared at all.  It's accessed directly from my computer by me and my husband only.


I need a button that will automatically send the current record to print to PDF (using a program I have that does this) for when I need to e-mail my form. Then I need another button to send the current record to my printer for when I need an actual signature on my form.  What I have done so far is create two scripts, exactly the same:


-Print Setup [No Dialog]

-Print [No Dialog]


One script is named "Print to PDF" and the other is named "Print to printer".  I performed a print setup and set everything to send to the PDF, and then I performed a print. Then I opened ScriptMaker, selected the "Print to PDF" script and hit Edit, OK, selected Replace, OK, Done.  I repeated that process, except I set the printer setting to send to my regular printer and then I opened the "Print to printer" script in ScriptMaker.


Now, the problem is when I press either button, they go to the same printer.  I have checked to make sure that each button has the correct script assigned to it and I have repeated the print setup about a dozen times.  No matter what I do, in the end, the print scripts go to the last printer used.  Can I fix this or is this just a FMP 5.0 problem?