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    Script to reduce found set



      Script to reduce found set


      Hi there

      Really dumb question...

      I've got a script attached here which reduces the found set to everything I don't want.  In this example, 'Main Office' is omitted due to the omit record command and everything else is left to view.

      What I'd really like is the opposite, reduce the found set to what I DO select - and in turn make that selection dynamic (though a global field, but I think I can do that).

      So how would I script this - is it just enter find mode, set field as per the global field, and perform find???




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          If you want to reduce your found set to just those staff records that have "Main Office" in the Office field, remove the omit step. And yes, you can refer to a global text field in place of the quoted "main office" in order to use the same script to constrain for different text values in Office.

          Friendly hint: With questions like these, make a copy of your database and do a bit of trial and error testing on your own. You'll often get your answer faster than posting a question asking for confirmation in a forum like this.