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Script to replace calculated value when conditions met

Question asked by Teague on Aug 2, 2010
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Script to replace calculated value when conditions met


Hi, I would love a hand with what is likely not a challenging problem but for some reason, I just can't get it right.

I have two time variable that I would like to subtract to provide a calculated duration variable that I would prefer to output in minutes only but is currently producing an "hour:minute:second" calculation:

D2B_time = Mod (Balloon_time - Door_time + 86400; 86400)

However, sometimes there is no Balloon_time. In these situations, I have been entering the Balloon_time as 0 but the D2B_time product is an incorrect set of hours and minutes that is throwing off my data set. I would like to write a script that sets the D2B_time to "0"  (or clears the field or something similar) in this situation. My script current attempt at this script  is:

Set Field By Name[If (Activation_Events::Balloon_time = "0";
Activation_Events::D2B_time; 0)]

but this seems to do nothing at all. I have also been playing with setting the script trigger but that hasn't helped.

Any input would be greatly appreciated as I clearly over my head a little.

Thanks much!