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Script to run Report in New Window

Question asked by BryanN on Mar 27, 2013
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Script to run Report in New Window


     I'm a bit stuck here.  The goal here is:

  1.           User clicks the print button, it opens a new window where they can choose for what month to show in the report
  3.           Once month is chosen, user clicks "OK", bringing up a second new window (closing the first) displaying the report
  5.           The report, fetches only jobs that are planned on the month that matches what the user selected (and a few other criteria that are in the background that aid in the accuracy of the find
  7.           User can print, save, etc, and close window when done.


     For the month being chosen, I couldn't figure out any way to store the user's selection other than in a global field in the table that the report is based on.  The data comes out fine but I'm having issues being able to find the correct data.  When doing a find, the global field is grayed out and can't be selected for search criteria.  What I'm trying to accomplish is:

     Find jobs that: PriorityMonth = global field AND JobStatus ≠ Closed

     If I do a manual find in the report's layout (making muliple requests), one including jobs that match "March" for example and omitting jobs that have a status of "Closed" it puts out the right data.  Any ideas on how I can have it compare to the global field in order to return only those results?