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Script to safe as PDF with date in filename

Question asked by jasonperl_1 on Nov 18, 2012
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Script to safe as PDF with date in filename


     Thanks for reading:

     I am trying to write a script that will save a file as a PDF with the date in the title so that every day, it will save only that days records. For example, I have a "Date" field and I would like the document to save as "1-1-12 Progress Report." I was able to get that calculation correct (I think) but I do not understand how to designate a file path as part of that variable calculation. I have 4 different tables that I am saving using "go to layout" find current date, sort records by time, then I want them to save to a designated file with the date in the name. Any ideas... I have a feeling I am over thinking it. Does it matter that the save location is on a nework server? I am getting an error message saying "File X" can not be saved to the disk.