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Script to Serialize a Field

Question asked by bestknownmethod on Jan 7, 2010
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Script to Serialize a Field


FM Experts, I have a database where initially I have a group of individuals who will create a new record from a form which will set the record ID to "New Item".


From there the next step is for the Asset Managers to verify the data is correct and valid in the database.  If all is well, I want them to execute a script to serialize the record (Basically change the field called "New Item" within the record to the Next Serial Number) and make it a valid unique entry within the database. 


Ex: ASSET-00000001 is the first record, so if they seralized the next "New Item", set it to ASSET-00000002


I wanted to see what would be the best way to setup a script.  Been difficult finding the correct commands.