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    Script to show image preview in container field



      Script to show image preview in container field



      I have been looking for an answer to this question on the site and am either looking in the wrong spot or not searching the correct terms.  I am fairly new to FMP scripting and need an automated function that I am sure can be done - I just can't figure out how.  I am assuming that writing a script is the best way to do this.

      Background:  I have a FMP database that keeps records of the use of images in my companies products.  i would like a preview of the image to appear in a container field.  The images are saved on a server.  Currently, I 'insert photo' into each records container field which is quite time consuming.  I have 30k+ records in my FMP database and 50k + hi-res photos on the server.

      Action:  I would like to create a script that would allow me to push a button and have FMP automate the looking up of the image (image filename is recorded in a field already) in the server and place the reference file as a preview of the image.  I would assume that this would basically tell FMP that if the button is pushed, an image that resides on the server should be inserted as a reference file into the specified container field if the image filename field = the image file found on the server.

      Does this make sense?

      Please help :) !