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Script to switch to another person

Question asked by ultranix on Oct 6, 2014
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Script to switch to another person


I have a contacts table, in which, most of the cases, one contact is responsible for one property. Sometimes 2 persons are responsible for 1 property, so, in order to "switch" to another person, i use such script (screen attached). 
and it works like a charm to switch between 1st person (who has id_conta and no id_alt) and 2nd person (whose id_alt is 1st person's id conta and has his own id_conta).

But in rare cases, there are 3 or more people responsible for the property. So how do I "switch" between them? I want to click button and if I'm on 1st person, switch to 2nd, if i'm on 2nd, switch to 3rd, if on 3rd - switch to 4th, if 4th is the last - switch back to 1st.

How do I have to adjust this script?