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    Script trigger



      Script trigger



      Its my 20 days in filemaker...Im trying to make a new record while I'm on List view... I am trying to copy one of the script in starter solution the Invoices. "Trigger | Create Product in List" to put into my solution but its not working for me. Im scratching my head since yesterday.

      I have attached the link of my sample file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/r6uht360t34x6rr/trial.fmp12?dl=0

      Please help me to incorporate it to my solution.

      Thank y0u so much.


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          hello karen,

          I also have little experience with the program, but looking at your database there are great basic errors. I suggest you watch a lot of video tutorials on how to create the database. you'll see it will be very interesting and useful.

          this video is a great content to start.


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            A few observations.  The script you are referring to is a Trigger script.  In the starter solution it is triggered by some event (haven't looked at the starter solution).  That script will trigger when you add a record. with your button.  But it wont do anything (watch in in the Script Debugger) because when the script is triggered, it always executes the next line (exit script).  The rest of the problem is  it refers to a global variable, which you haven't declared, so that also will never work.  Also the layout in question was in form view, not list or table view.  Try shrinking up the body to just the height of the fields, put it in list view.  Then, in layout mode, remove the OnRecordLoad script trigger, and see if adding a new record shows you something more like you are looking for.

            So maybe the best thing, rather then you asking us to try to make something work that just wont, is to tell us what exactly are you trying to do?  What kind of database are you trying to make?

            The more info you supply, the more help you'll receive :)