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Script Trigger - copy / duplicate the Portal records

Question asked by Kaorin on Oct 31, 2013
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Script Trigger - copy / duplicate the Portal records



     I think I had posted similar query in the past, but since my relationship / set-up had changed, I thought I'd re-post this query based on my current file set up.

     I want to set a script button / trigger to copy the information in the Portal from another record.

     I have 2 related files:

     - SPEC SHEET contains Style_No, Fabric_Code and colours etc..and each record is given a unique serial number called Spec_ID.

     - TRIMS which contain all the data about quantity, size and application of buttons (and other components) for each style created in the SPEC SHEET.

     The relationship for the files are Spec_ID = Spec_ID, and I use portal to add the TRIMS components.

     Say I have an outerwear style number JK145 in tweed fabric which has a unique Spec_ID, and fill in the information on buttons in the portal.

     After launching many other styles …and then come to launch another style in JK145 but in a different fabric, like leather or something. I would like to create a script steps along the following line:

     1 - look up find the Spec_ID numbers of the same Style No “Coat01” in SPEC SHEETS file,

     2-  be able to select the preferable Spec_ID,

     3 - then to copy / duplicate the portal information and replace the TRIMS Spec_ID field with the current file that I was working on.

     I created a global dropdown field showing the varibles form related Style No & Spec_ID on SPEC SHEETS, which does the step 1 and 2 of the above, so I’m struggling with the rest..

     I’m not sure if I need to create a script in TRIMS file and use it from the SPEC FILE script??

     Any suggestion welcome!!

     Thank you.