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    Script trigger and drag and drop



      Script trigger and drag and drop


           So I've long had a problem and I'm hoping someone else has found a solution!


           I'm using FMP13. This database has, basically, a projects table and an images table. I have a tab object on my projects page, and each tab has a portal to the images. there are also two portals not in tabs. the idea is that an artist can drag and drop an image into the container field in the appropriate portal and it sets a field for which type of image it is. I then have a server side script that runs every 5 minutes checking for new images and working with the new ones a little bit. 


           With FMP13 i can get the "on object modify" to work with drag and drop (yey!). But it doesn't run it on the correct record - it runs on the first related record. :\ For other reasons, I have the relationship sorted by type and can't sort it by creation timestamp. 


           What I want is a way to have a script triggered when an artist drags and drops a file into the portal, and have that script set the type and do the other work that needs to happen (currently done by the server side script). How do I get the triggered script to work on the newly-created record?